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I’ve been talking with these guys for a few years now (well Clare is a friend from school anyway (and is amazing) that’s why she’s on here despite her photoblog being a new) and gotten to know their talents and they’re just really friendly and lovely and I don’t know where I would be on this website without them. So here’s my shoutout of thanks :)


'Blood Brothers'. The Arts Centre Dunmow, June 2014.


This is where fandom angers me by mischaracterizing Jane Foster as some shy wilting flower with anime eyes clinging to Thor like a damsel in distress because EXCUSE ME

Jane Foster drove a fucking TRUCK into a LIGHTING STORM

Jane Foster broke a (as far as she knew) delusional, strange man out of a hospital to help him get his hammer back from a shitload of government agents

Jane Foster STAYED and HELPED EVACUATE CITIZENS after the Destroyer came for Thor

And that’s not even STARTING on the shit she pulled in Thor 2

Jane Foster is exactly the same off-the-cuff, zero-self-preservation, stubborn little shit as skinny!Steve was only she does it for SCIENCE instead of JUSTICE and if you don’t love Jane Foster I invite you to check yourself so hard

I just finished reading the best and most heartbreakingly beautiful pirate!lock and mer!john longfics I have ever read.

It was perfection. It is 3:10am, I have been finished for half an hour, and I have no words to convey just how much I love it.

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"Ouch! That was my foot!"
"Could you get out of my way?"
"Stop it!"
"You look lonely. Want to talk to me?"
"Your nose is red."
"Aw, you're so cute! You know that?"
"Eww, gross!"
"If you touch me again, you're dead."
"Don't eat that!"
"Gosh, you look kinda pale..."
"What is that!?"
"Oh my god, were you shot!?"
"Give me the gun. Now."
"Hello? Anyone in there?"
"Someone said you didn't feel well. You okay?"
"Do you want to cuddle?"
"I demand cuddles."
"You're hair's messed up. Here, let me fix it."
"Ohhh~ Someone's blushing~!"
"I-I-it's so c-cold..."
"It's too hot..."
"I can't...breathe..."
"I'm sorry, did you say something?"
"Augh! It hurts!"
"Feel my hands! They're so cold!"
"Stop! I can't run anymore..."
"Are you alright?"
"You look ready to faint."
"You're not serious."
"You want me to what?"
"Grab my hand!"
"Oh god. Oh god. Stay awake. Please stay awake. Stay with me!"
"Careful! You really don't want to fall here."
"Are you insane?"
"I can't allow this."
"I-I can't feel my arms..."
"Why are you all wet?"
"We need to get you to a hospital."
"I....I've been sh-shot..."
"Oh god, why is there so much blood...?"
"I think I'm gonna be sick..."
"Do you think you could make everything stop spinning?"
"I am NOT blushing!"
"Ugh, could you quiet down? My head hurts too much for this noise..."
"Have you been drinking?"
"Thank you. I really wanted someone to throw up on my shoes."
"I've never seen cuts like this..."
"Have you been to the doctor?"
"I think your leg is broken. I'll have to help you walk."
"Don't move!"
"Ouch! I...I think I heard something snap..."
"Don't touch it!"
"Your forehead feels kinda warm..."
"Careful with that! You wouldn't want to cut yourself, would you?"
"Why do you always do that?"
"How can I trust you?"
"You betrayed me! You betrayed everyone!"
"I told you not to kiss me when I was sick!"
"If I beat you and left you for dead, do you really think someone would come for you? They wouldn't."
"You disgust me to the point where looking at you makes me physically ill."
"Please don't go..."
"I can't live without you!"
"I'm sorry."


reasons to love in the flesh: well-written female characters



Did I tell anyone the story about how my friend’s rat (Tom) ate her other rat’s (Jerry’s) head while she was away on holiday?

Tom literally ate Jerry’s head.

The cartoon would have been a lot different if T&J weren’t playing an elaborate game of cat & mouse.


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Yeah and the inside guy in a robbery isn’t forcing anyone to rob a bank but he still opens the door for them

Obligatory ten past eleven tea selfie.

Hey this one I’m actually happy with.


GIFSET: Contrasted human behaviour with animal behaviour (one was a bicycle and the contrast was a shark swimming through the ocean). The caption mentioned something about humans and animals not being so different.

Photoset: Closeup picture of freckles on someone’s back contrasted next to a picture of space/stars, saying about patterns in the universe.

I’m looking at structures and under that heading I’m exploring the subtopic of repeating patterns and maths throughout the universe (so golden ratio, fractals etc.)
I can’t seem to find them despite knowing I’ve reblogged them at some point in the past few months.

If you can help please direct me to a link, obligatory question mark to get answers?






Can I just say that I think this is the way Mulan should appear int the parks. In the beginning of the movie they make it very clear that the dress she wears to meet the matchmaker is not comfortable nor does it represent her personality. She spends the whole of the film proving that she is not a prize to be won or just a pawn to be married off at earliest convenience. She proves her worth in this outfit. She saves China in this outfit. She falls in love in this outfit. She risks her life, makes her strongest friendships, and changes the entire country IN THIS OUTFIT. Then they have her walk around the park in the same outfit she wore in the first scene of the movie and I think it is really negative toward her character. That is not who she is.


Um no she doesn’t save China in this outfit. She saves it in this one



Because the whole point of the movie was that she could still be feminine and save her father and China.

Also in the beginning it’s not the dress that she doesn’t like it’s the fact that she lives in a society were the only way a woman can bring honor to her family is to marry an honorable man.

THANK. YOU. Seriously, everyone keeps saying that the true Mulan is the armored one. Did people forget that she was impersonating a man, therefore she wasn’t Mulan? She saved China AS HERSELF. She was neither wearing a bride’s gown nor a soldier’s armor; she was being herself.

I’d love to meet Mulan in her “saved China” outfit; I feel it represents her best



bc a lot of ppl reblogged it after the 20 min i wanna give them a chance again!

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